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Pig&Dan - Tunnel Vision II [DC222]

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A blistering buddy to the first instalment of Pig&Dan’s ‘Tunnel

Vision’ EP will land in April.

Not one to rest on their laurels, Pig&Dan have come out firing in 2020. One of the techno genre’s

most prolific artists, their 17 year has seen a wealth and consistency of output unmatched by most in

the industry. This is exemplified by the ‘Tunnel Vision’ series launched on Drumcode this year.

Set for release just one week after its predecessor, part 2 continues in powerful, peak-time mode.

‘Sirenism’ is a tour de force, driven by a pulsating lead that pops with acidic undertones. ‘Rinse Out

The Sound’ is an intoxicating blend of warbled effects, warm synth layers and crisp drum work.

‘Perception’ is marked by an exuberant top line riff and steely percussive layers and makes for a

colourful addition to any set. ‘Wasted’ is muscular techno at its finest, finished with a glistening layer

of melody. No surprise the collection went down a treat at Warehouse Project, Drumcode Halloween

and Dockyard Festival, among others. The duo are in irresistible form.


A1. Sirenism

A2. Rinse Out The Sound

B1. Perception

B2. Wasted

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