A-Sides Vol.10 [DC235]

Drumcode Vinyl

A-Sides Vol.10 [DC235]

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Vinyl Sides:


A1. Jay Lumen - Galactic Rainbow

B1. Thomas Schumacher - Qadash

B2. Zimmz - Tension


A1. Ramon Tapia - Drum Control

A2. Thomas Hoffknecht - Escaping

B1. Adam Beyer - Changes

B2. Timmo - Reflections


A1. Victor Ruiz - Love Story

B1. Ilija Djokovic - Equilibrium

B2. Veerus - I Know


A1. Bart Skils - Solid State

A2. Alex Lentini, STOMPBOXX - Expanders

B1. SAMA - Into The Abyss


A1. Alan Fitzpatrick - Rochus

A2. Reset Robot - Distant

B1. Patrik Berg - Activated

B2. Lilly Palmer - Amnesie