EarPeace HD (Clear)
EarPeace HD (Clear)
EarPeace HD (Clear)
EarPeace HD (Clear)

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EarPeace HD (Clear)

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We all love to turn the music up, or lose ourselves next to a huge speaker stack at a festival – but it can come at a price. Hearing damage is a serious concern in the music and live events industry.

Many DJs and long terms festival goers have hearing damage, and this is something irreparable.

Foam earplugs help to reduce the overall noise – but impair the experience. And can make music sound “muddy” - After using the foam plugs, we have learned that many people simply choose no hearing protection instead to hear the music more clearly, unaware of the damage they could be doing.

Moulded ear protection is fantastic, but running at £100-350 each time, and with the potential to lose them makes this an unrealistic and unaffordable solution for many of us too.

We are proud to say Drumcode have teamed up with EarPeace. – They make professional musicians earplugs and are on a mission to democratise this design, so that music fans can experience the same level of enjoyment from the music as industry professionals. 

Our team has been testing their new design over the past few weeks at a range of events at ADE and Drumcode Halloween – From basement raves to festival sized stages, and have found that these plugs are easy to use, easy to store, and left us without that next day ear ringing that indicates damage is being done – whilst still allowing us to enjoy the music!

These plugs will last several years, and we are able to provide these at a price of less than one round of drinks in a London pub. We think your hearing is worth that…
EarPeace HD comes with three clear high fidelity earplugs, three sets of acoustic filters and an ultra-premium aluminium carrying case with the Drumcode Logo laser etched on - with a handy carabiner clip.